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My favorite online money making app! What if you could earn some passive extra money income from the internet searches you do everyday? Well you can through Bing Rewards

Simply put, Bing Rewards rewards you with points for using Bing as your search engine. You simply perform internet searches on the Bing search engine (on both your computer and mobile devices) and once you have enough points, you can exchange those points for gift cards from merchants such as Amazon, GameStop, Starbucks as well as various Microsoft services (such as XBox and Skype). Bing Rewards offers lots of additional ways to earn points as well! You can earn additional points by using their Edge web browser and for money spent at the Windows and Microsoft stores. There are even check in bonuses, quizzes, and email offers which help you earn points even faster (of course there are daily limits as to how many points you can earn). But if you max out your daily earning potential the points really add up quickly which translates into gift cards!

A free Bing Rewards app is available for iOS and Android

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