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I’ve already reviewed 2 of my favorite online money making “receipt scanning” apps: Receipt Pal and Yaarlo.

The 3rd receipt scanning app I use is Receipt Hog. I would describe Receipt Hog as falling somewhere in between Receipt Pal and Yaarlo. It isn’t as generous as Receipt Pal (which accepts almost any type of receipt) but it isn’t as restrictive as Yaarlo either.

Every receipt scanned into Receipt Hog has the potential to earn you coins and the amount of coins you earn is based on the specific retailer and sales total. Like Yaarlo (but unlike Receipt Pal), you don’t earn coins with every receipt. But if a receipt doesn’t earn you coins, you might be able to earn some by participating in a quick survey or playing a fun virtual slot machine within the app.

Once you’ve accumulated enough coins you can either receive a virtual Amazon gift card or a deposit into your PayPal account!

Receipt Hog is free and available for Apple iOS

Check out our YouTube review of Receipt Hog!

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Easy extra money through dividend stock investing, P2P lending, real estate income, and alternative online money making ideas

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