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Easy passive extra money income through dividend stock investing, P2P lending, and alternative online money making ideas

One of the big players in the online money making field is Perk. Perk offers a collection of apps you simply download to your smart device and earn!Each app offers a different way of earning points which can then be exchanged for a variety of prizes including gift cards, cash, and sweepstakes entries for even larger prizes. The best part is that earning points is very easy to do and requires little effort! You can earn points from online shopping, watching videos, performing searches online, reading articles, answering pop quizzes, and even for simply watching TV!

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Perk apps are available on iOS and Android devices.

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Easy extra money through dividend stock investing, P2P lending, real estate income, and alternative online money making ideas

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3 Responses to Online Money Making: Perk apps

  1. I’m wondering what the pontenyial payout on this could be?

    • thedividendlife says:

      It’s definitely not a get rich scheme! As with most online opportunities, it depends on how much work you are willing to put in. None of them take very much effort but they do require discipline to keep up. Perk has many different apps and ways to earn and I don’t even take advantage of all of them. But a gift card from Amazon for not much effort, which I can apply to a purchase I was going to make anyway, is worthwhile in my book.

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