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Restaurant stocks normally don’t pay handsome dividends but Cracker Barrel (CBRL) is an exception. If you’ve never been to a CBRL restaurant before it’s an interesting experience!

CBRL stores are a combination restaurant and gift shop. The gift shops sells various souvenir items such as candies, clothing, and you can even buy one of their famous rocking chairs! Even if you don’t buy something and just plan on dining, looking around the store is part of the Cracker Barrel experience. The restaurant portion of Cracker Barrel servers traditional Southern American fare in a homely cabin setting and is consistently ranked highly in consumer surveys. It is a unique concept and at present time, CBRL operates 641 stores in 43 US states and still has room to grow as they do not have many stores in the Northeast USA. So not only is there some share price appreciation potential, CBRL also pays a strong and consistent dividend (around 3% at this time) at $1.15 per share per quarter. Even better, for us dividend seekers, they have paid a special dividend for the past 2 years of over $4 per share!

  • CBRL develops and operates the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store restaurant and gift shop stores.
  • Founded in 1969 and based in Lebanon, Tennessee
  • Dividend Payout Schedule: 2-5-8-11
  • To create monthly dividend income, pair with an investment from Dividend Payout: 1-4-7-10 and Dividend Payout: 3-6-9-12

Check out our YouTube review of Cracker Barrel!

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  1. I like this pick. I think the debt might be a little high and the valuation as well but it is a very good company with a nice dividend. I am adding this to my watch list and waiting for a price drop. Thanks for sharing.

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